WTA (World Trustmark Alliance)
developed from ATA (Asia-PacificTrustmark Alliance) in 2010.

WTA Introduction

The Asia Trustmark Alliance (ATA), one of the trustmark alliances at a regional level, established in 2003. In 2006, ATA consists out of the following partners: Singapore: CNSG (Commerce Net Singapore), CASE (Consumer Association Singapore), Japan: EC Network, Trade Safe, Vietnam: EcomViet, South Corea: NIPA, Philippines: Qartas Corporation, Taiwan: SOSA, USA: TRUSTe. Secure Online Shopping Association (SOSA), one of the ATA members, proposed promoting ATA to an international organization in the Committee.

Dr Ho-Ming Huang, Chairman of ATA said that “After laying the foundation for a pan-Asian collaborative framework, it is only natural that Asia Trustmark Alliance looks toward closer co-operation at an international level.” “In this respect, it is in the mutual interest of both trust organizations to work together to achieve our similar objectives, which is promotion of trustworthy e-commerce environment,” Huang added. In 2010, the original ATA was renamed WTA.

WTA remains a membership-based organization as ATA, the difference between ATA and WTA is that the membership of this association is no longer limited to the Asia-Pacific region, but for the world, and WTA can deal with broader issue. It became a big, worldwide organization with 37 business operators from 30 countries. In the movement of developing the Asian framework into the global scale with GTA (Global Trustmark Alliance) and WTA (World Trustmark Alliance), WTA is most grateful to GBDe for the opportunities to obtain opinions and comments regarding the EC operations from top-class companies worldwide through GBDe. ATA was able to collaborate with APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Europe, US, etc. After GBDe’s dissolution in May in 2012, WTA will become the guest seat at APEC. Currently, this guest status change is in process with the APEC. In 2013, SOSA, the most long-life and active Trust-mark business operator in Taiwan, became the chairman of the organization.

With the spread of broadband and mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs, e-commerce transaction is expected to continue to expand. Naturally, trustmark and dispute handling networks will play a larger role. Since countries have different standards, these operations will become very important in order to make cross-border transactions successful. Discussions and arrangements in organizations such as WTA with many company participants will be increasingly important. We have to steadfastly work towards the development and implementation of the Code of Conduct, increase recognition, privacy information protection, Dispute Resolution, etc.