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We have accountable trustmark providers and strategic partners throughout the regions to build your business trust and to strengthen your consumer confidence.

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We treat your requirement with a fresh thinking and professional.

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    Trust is essential for Trade and we believe the WTA plays a crucial role in building global trust in (digital) commerce.
    Jorij Abraham
    Managing Director, Ecommerce Foundation
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    WTA is a great platform to conntect trusted merchants.
    Ramesh EVB
    CEO of Commercenet, Singapore
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    WTA is a network to demoatrate accountability.
    Joseph Yuen
    Chairman, HKFEC
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    WTA is a place to communicate trust through consumer dispute resolutions.
    Ken-Ying, Tseng
    Partner, Lee and Li & Board Member of SOSA
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    WTA is a channel to deliver group's blessings especially during pandemic.
    Dr. Manilanga Napoldech
    Honorary Advisor, Thailand's Religious Art and Culture Commission