This agreement is for a trustmark organization to join as a new member to the WORLD Trustmark Alliance (WTA).

· CommerceNet Singapore (CNSG), Singapore

· Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), Singapore

· ECNetwork, Japan

· EcomViet, Vietnam

· Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), Mexico

· National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), South Korea

· Qartas Corporation, Philippines

· Secure Online Shopping Association (SOSA), Taiwan


New Member Particulars (to be filled in by new member):

s/n Description New member particulars
1 Please provide new member organisation name, short description, address and country of operation on right. Organization name:
Contact address:
2 Background information of new member. Please provide a short description of right.  
3 New member has operated the trustmark accreditation program (“Trustmark Program”) in their respective countries since what year? Please provide year on right.  
4 The minimum period that a business has to be in operation before it can be accredited by the new member. Please provide minimum period on right.  
5 The country which the new member is the dispute resolution organization for handling complaints about accredited businesses. Please provide country on right.  

On behalf of__________(“New member organisation name”), I hereby declare the particulars provided above are true, and agree to the terms and conditions in the New Member Agreement to join the World Trustmark Alliance. The agreement is effective as it is signed by the New Member and the WTA Chair, on this day__________(“Effective Date”).

New Member Particulars (to be filled in by new member):

WTA Chair Organisation Name:
Designation: WTA Chair
World Trustmark Alliance - New Member Ageement

1. The Alliance intends to work towards the following:

a. Recognition of each member’s trustmarks awarded in accordance with the terms of the relevant Trustmark Program: and
b. Management of complaints against any of the e-businesses accredited by the member’s respectively in each of the Alliance Member Countries.

2. The New Member will engage in discussions in relation to the establishment and furtherance of the Alliance, including the participation by other organisations in the Alliance where agreed by all Parties.

3. The New Member agree to use best efforts to:

a. At all times act in good faith to promote the scope and objectives of the Alliance and not in a manner detrimental to or inconsistent asdawith the intention of the Parties as expressed in this agreement;
b. Introduce the Alliance on their respective websites;
c. Contribute to the development and promotion of electronic commerce and on-line transactions;
d. Promote the trustworthiness of the members and their Accredited Businesses; and
e. Promote the Alliance and its activities.
f. Do all things necessary to further the Alliance

4. The New Member agrees to abide by the WTA governance document.


1. The New Member confirms that the standards and requirements prescribed by the Trustmark Programs (including codes of practice, application and accreditation procedures and screening methods) meet the minimum agreed standards acceptable to the Parties.

2. For the purposes of this agreement, the New Member agrees that any e-business accredited by the members under the relevant Trustmark Programs (“Accredited Business”) shall be entitled to place the following sentence below the trustmark permitted by the relevant member for its display:

“A Member of the World Trustmark Alliance”


1. For avoidance of doubt, nothing in this agreement shall limit or restrict the requirements that all persons applying to be Accredited Businesses (“Applicants”) as well as Accredited Businesses are to comply with under the relevant Trustmark Programs. Accordingly, each member shall ensure that all such requirements are met by the Applicants and Accredited Businesses in accordance with the relevant Trustmark Programs.

2. Further, each member agrees to ensure/procure that its respective Applicants comply with the following requirements:

a. Operate a commercial website on the Internet;
b. In business for the minimum length of time as specified in the New Member Particulars table specified above; and
c. Incorporated, established, registered for business, or have a physical base of operations in the Alliance Member Country under whose ccc Trustmark Program it is applying for accreditation.

3. Further, each member agrees to ensure/procure that its respective Accredited Businesses comply with the following requirements:

a. Not violate public order and standards of decency at any time;
b. If the Accredited Businesses intend to conduct cross-border transactions, endeavours to provide sufficient information to potential cccforeign customers in adequate foreign languages (including English), including displaying on their websites the minimum information cccprescribed in Annex I.
c. If the Accredited Businesses intend to conduct cross-border transactions, provide adequate means of communication with its customccc ers such as deploying staff capable of communicating in English and in each of the foreign languages in which the website is written; ccand
d. If the Businesses intend to conduct cross-border transactions, participate in the cross-border complaint handling system prescribed in ccthe Article 4 so as to facilitate dispute resolution resulting from e-commerce, and clearly display the fact of such participation on their ccwebsites.