WTA/EBS will subside the local delivery fee as a blessing. 


22, February 2020

World Trustmark and Trade Alliance

Global Trust Innovation



This is a critical moment while coronavirus disease outbreak and trading conflicts encountering all over the world.


Trust, Fair and Connect as core values of new WTA, World Trustmark and Trade Alliance. We would like to address again  the importance of online trust to strengthen the fragile economy, fair trade against improper discrimination,  and proportional connection against unreasonable isolations. 


On 30th January 2020, the WHO Director General has declared the outbreak of novel coronavirus 2019- nCoV as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), based on the advice of the Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations (2005).Following that determination, WHO did not recommend any travel or trade restrictions. Based on Article 43 of International Health Regulations,  a State Party implementing additional health measures significantly interfering with international traffic shall provide to WHO the public health rationale and relevant scientific information for it. WTA would also like to encourage trusted merchants in China and WTA  continue normal trading and delivery with reasonable precaution. 


Accordingly, we are calling for sponsoring medical supplies from your certified/trusted merchants to support Shenzhen China , where previously rotating chairing organization EBS located. If you are luckily able to  deliver any of the below medical supplies from your country,  WTA/EBS will subside the local delivery fee as a blessing.


Items of requested medical supplies

1.Medical rubber protective clothing

2.Medical protective mask (N95, GB19083-2010)

3.Surgical mask (YY0469-2011)

4.Medical safety glasses

5.Face shield for medical use


6.Disposable protective clothing for medical use

7.Others ( including other medical supplies, recipient details, delivery tracks...etc. that EBS Shenzhen will assist to coordinate) 


May you and the beloved ones remain joyful, healthy and safe.

Let's expect next inspiring meeting and more prosperous  2020.



Vice Chairperson ,Mandai Eiichiro

Honorary Vice Chairwoman, Professor Ping Zhang 

Rotating Chairwoman, Dr. JJ Pan