Member Introduction:

Member Introduction


E-commerce Better Service ( authorized by law and supported by government, is a non-profit and third-party agency who contributes to build a trusted e-commerce transaction environment and advantages in having both government authority and market flexibility. Committing to the value of “Justice, Integrity, Trust, Corporation and Interdependency”, EBS sets standards for fair competition in e-commerce, aims to build a credible, reliable, sound, and safe e-commerce marketplace, and ultimately encourages healthy and rapid development in e-commerce.


1、 Identity Authentication for E-commerce enterprise entity
Based on government-authorized data from marketing supervision, EBS evaluates the identity and qualification of e-commerce enterprise entities by matching their virtual identity with physical identity. Those who are verified will be provided with an authorized EBS Trustmark, assisting consumers to rapidly identify the authenticity of online market entities.

2、 Examination for online products and commodities
Basing on standardized product information sharing system, EBS examines and verifies the authenticity of online products and commodities; provides to consumers service of online product authenticity checking and access for product source tracking.

3、 Examination for Electronic voucher
EBS provides to e-commerce entities and consumers service of online transaction document preservation and examination, in order to prove the authenticity of online transactions by ensuring relevant vouchers occurs through online transactions are effective and traceable.

4、 Online Dispute Resolution
By establishing online dispute processing system, in company with professional law agencies and experts from both domestic and international, EBS provides to consumers legal consulting service, as well as convenient and speedy online dispute resolution service.

5、 Standards and Promotion
Basing on E-commerce Standards Alliance, EBS establishes standard system for e-commerce trusted transaction, leads in critical standard setting in fields such as e-commerce products, transactions, credit, right protection, etc., so as to develop and promote a legal and standard online market environment, also to assist e-commerce entities being more competitive worldwide.


As strategic partners, leading e-commerce enterprises such as Alibaba Group, Tencent, eBay, HuaqiangNorth Online, Made-in-China, etc. had signed memorandum of cooperation with EBS, undertaking to endeavor together with EBS to not only popularize application of “Identity Authentication for Enterprise Entity”, but also carry forward all other services.

Provide Identity Authentication service for Enterprise Entity Establish E-commerce enterprise Trust Profile Setting E-commerce basic standards

Establish Identity bi-authentication system for Enterprise Entity Application demonstration in e-commerce enterprise Provide subsidy and support, cultivating E-commerce enterprise entity Create joint notification mechanism

Establish E-commerce standards and regulations Cultivate E-commerce enterprise entity Establish and promote E-commerce trusted transaction ecosphere

Establish and implement E-commerce standards Cultivate E-commerce enterprise entity Provide Identity Authentication service for Enterprise Entity

Establish cross-border E-commerce trusted transaction environment Actualize and develop Trustmark mutual recognition Create complaint access for customers and suppliers from both mainland and Taiwan Promote cross-border communication and discussion on E-commerce

E-Commerce Standards Alliance(ECSA)

E-Commerce Standards Alliance(ECSA) was founded in July 2010, by 18 E-commerce giants jointly including Tecent, the, Seg, Global Resources, etc., and the office of the Secretariat is located in EBS. With yeas of development, the membership of ECSA covers various fields and industries, say organizations such as B2C and third-party trading platform, who are in the field of foreign trade, payment, credit, etc.; in the industry of Garment, Luxuries, Jewelry, 3C, Electronic Components, Ticketing and so on.

We are expecting…

EBS Plan: Taking full advantage of Shenzhen being the first “Trial City of E-commerce Trusted Transaction Environment Establishment” and “Pilot Area of Integrated Standardization in E-commerce”, working closely with E-commerce institutions and experts, both domestic and international, establish and develop E-commerce trusted trading environment jointly.

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