Message from the Chairman of WTA

Organization:ODR Room Network INC.

Established April 2008 

Providing technologies for ODR platform and researching services company.     

ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) Room Network is established to contribute for dispute resolution by providing technologies and services. One of trigger was that the long-term arbitration with a foreign country made assure its necessity and effectiveness of ODR. The globalization definitely increase international dispute with distant country. Avoiding risk and to keep safe an important personal for company or country is really important issue as well as saving cost and time to move for dispute resolution. ODR should be more used on a situation broadband infrastructure are developed.  

[Employment and concurrently serve] - Operating Officer and General manager (concurrently serve as) TradeSafe, Inc. (Trust Mark Provider ) May 2008 – November 2008 (7 months) April 2012- Present - Senior Researcher (concurrently serve as) EC Network (Online ADR provider and researching) April 2009 – Present (1 year and 11months) - Board of Director Link Manage Corp. ASP service and support for E-commerce industry September 2004 – March 2008 (3 years 7 months) - Division manager (Marketing and business development) Nippon SystemWare Corp. Public Company; Information Technology and Services industry April 1981 – March 2008 (27 years)  

[Experiences] I have been serving for Business Development in Israel during 1996-2004 as a Division manager, Multimedia business division, to researching and developing business relations with several companies, in NSW. The Achievements were successions to penetrate and implement products and technologies into Japanese market, such as video conferencing system, multi-media database, and designing software, simulation software.  When NSW invested to Link Manage Corp, E-commerce platform provider, I was nominated as a board of director for Business Planning, Financing management. When 

NSW decided to merge the company, I resigned to establish an own company.  After establishing ODR Room Network, I am serving in mainly research and evangelistic part for Online Dispute Resolution. In 2008, as a researcher of EC Network, I was acting for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for learning foreign situation, and attend ERIA (Economic Research Institute for Asia and East Asia) project until 2009, contributing to drive a pilot project named “ICA-Net” which is the complaint handling platform for cross boarder dispute on e-commerce.  When Japanese government established Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) in 2009, cross border dispute for consumer was succeeded from METI to CAA. CAA organized Cross border Consumer center Japan (CCJ) and ODR Room Network has been joining as one of secretariats.   

“ODR” is not so mature yet. Some conferences have been held around the world. “United Nation ODR Forum” has been held since 2003. I have attended the forum in 2008 in Canada, and I had a chance to introduce the “ICA-Net” in Israel in 2009. While EU launched “ECC-Net” for cross boarder complaint handling in EU, though “ICA-Net” is a pilot but it showed efficiency, US proposed “OAS-ODR” are approved as working group in UNCITRAL. I participated the first preliminary conference in Vancouver in 2010 to introduce “ICA-Net” experience again.  Also I have been participating in several international activities, such as “ATA annual meeting in Taipei, 2008”, “ATA meeting in Singapore, 2009”, “ATA annual meeting in Tokyo, 2010” as a facilitator, “Visiting Massachusetts-Bar-Association in 2008”. 8 March 2008 MBA Lawyers Journal 

The MBA’s ADR Committee hosted, from left: Eiichiro Mandai, who is preparing a recommendation for the Japanese government about online dispute resolution, and Daewon Choi, a policy chief at the United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, and Ethan Katsh, of UMass-Amherst’s National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.

ADR Committee promotes cultural exchange with international guests by Bill Archambeault

The MBA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee fostered a cultural exchange at its Feb. 19 meeting, hosting two international visitors working to expand online alternative dispute resolution in Asia. Eiichiro Mandai, senior researcher for EC Network in Japan, and Daewon Choi, chief of the ICT Policy Section for the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, were introduced at the ADR Committee’s meeting at the MBA’s Boston offices by Ethan Katsh, director of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Katsh explained that Mandai was seeking advice on implementing alternative dispute resolution for a proposal he was submitting to the Japanese Ministry of Economy as a member of a discussion group. He has been working for the Nippon System Ware Co. Ltd., which has been producing TV conference systems and is proposing ways to use them to introduce ADR to Japan’s justice system. “ADR has not been accepted as positively (in Japan) as it has been in the last few decades in this country,” Katsh said. Japanese culture generally shies away from confrontation, Mandai said, noting that there are only 25,000 lawyers in Japan, which contributes in part, to significant court delays. “People have to spend a lot of money and wait a very 

long time” to resolve their court cases, he said. In the proposal he is drafting, Mandai said he is suggesting that the Japanese government adopt online dispute resolution as an alternative to trying cases in court. One major obstacle, he said, is familiarizing Japan with the concept of ADR. “I want to propose a video conferencing system to the government,” he told the ADR Committee. He also explained that there are plans to try video conferencing for trial scheduling on a limited basis. ADR Committee member Robert J. Ambrogi, who ran the meeting, said that establishing ADR can be challenging. “I think you’re going to find there’s no simple answer (on how to proceed with setting up ADR),” he told Mandai. Choi explained that he is responsible at the U.N. for establishing policy for Asian countries, noting that online dispute resolution has been used since 2001, and that it has become an important tool for settling disputes and e-commerce. He said he’d like to promote online dispute resolution outside the U.N. “to promote peace and resolve disputes online.” Committee members said they thought that relying on video conferencing to conduct ADR was a poor substitute for conducting sessions in person, though video conferencing is making advances as a result of technological improvements. Committee member Jeffrey M. Aresty, who invited 

Mandai and Choi to the meeting, likened the advent of video conferencing to the growing pains experienced when the fax machine was first introduced. “I think this period of transition is going to be a challenge for all of us,” he said. After the meeting, Katsh said it was a coincidence that both Mandai and Choi were in town and available to attend the meeting. Katsh said he’s worked with Choi for eight years on ADR issues. “The technology gives us the opportunity to have a relationship with people wherever they are,” Katsh said.

Photo by Bill Archambeault

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Rikkyo University (St. Paul’s University, Japan)
Economics 1977 – 1981
Hosei University
Law 2012-present  

[Other information]  
TradeSafe Corp. , has established in 2006, joined ATA in 2007, have been contributing aggressively for the cooperation. In 2009, 2010, TradeSafe served as Chair country and had achieved the expansion of ATA to WTA (World Trustmark Alliance).  

Link Manage Corp. w as providing ASP service for e-commerce business, named "CREOSS" from 1997 to 2008. Link manage had got fund from Nippon systemware (NSW) and I was nominated as a Director for the company from NSW.  The company was merged into NSW at 2008.  

Nippon system ware (NSW) Since its establishment in 1966, responding to the demands of the times, NSW has expanded its business from software development to device development, system integration services, and cloud services that principally focus on data center services.