Message from the Chairman of WTA

My Fellow WTA Members,
This is Du Jia from Shenzhen E-business Better Service Center (EBS). I am honored to become the Chair of the World Trustmark Alliance (WTA) for 2016&2017.

From the perspective of sustainable development of our organization, in accordance with the code of WTA, we suggest that discussion be carried out on business cooperation mode among WTA members. In order to provide solid support for practical application of credit activities in global business, it is essential to strengthen the business linkage among WTA members.

EBS has built up the cross-border e-commerce credible transaction security system, providing entity identification and information inspection for government agencies like the Customs office. The information includes basic information of the entity initiator, website information, qualification information, and registration information like business subject, business premise and business situations, as well as credit information, such as violation records.Such information will help the supervision sectors, like the customs office, with quicker process on the custom clearance of enterprises. I would like to suggest that we provide broader services for enterprises with EBS mark or other Trustmarks issued by WTA members, by coming out with a cooperative agreement on our Trustmark services.

Close relation and cooperation between WTA member and local government will help to provide cooperation platform for all other WTA members.As third party agencies, we can work together to combine resources, introduce qualified enterprises to official display platforms and exhibitions in different countries, which would be of great benefit for the development of our domestic enterprises in other countries.In the meanwhile, such cooperation can also help broaden the enterprises’ industrial marketing channels abroad. It would be beneficial for the qualified enterprises and bring them better and faster development. This is also a best embodiment of the value of WTA as an international organization.

Thank you so much to all my dear colleagues in WTA for your commitment to World Trustmark Alliance throughout recent years. With your continuous support, we shall achieve more milestones and greater heights for a more robust World Trustmark Alliance in the coming years.

Thank you,

Dr. Du Jia

World Trustmark Alliance